Cancellation Policy

In case of attendance cancellation, all refunds shall be made according to the specifications below. The refund shall be made within maximum 30 days after the closing of the event.

✔ Registration cancellation until July 22, 2018:
The Organizers will withhold the amount of 50 EURO (VAT included) / participant from the registration fee.

✔ Registration cancellation starting with July 23, 2018:
There will be no refunding of the registration fee.

Participant’s replacement
✔ The Organizers will charge 50 EURO per participant, excepting students. 
✔ Deadline for participant’s change or replacement: August 15, 2018; after this date, no other changes / replacements will be accepted. 
✔ The registered participant will send a written notification to the Congress Secretariat, Ralcom Exhibitions, via e-mail at or by fax at +40-21-212 72 02.