Bucharest Day Trip

Dates the tours is organized on: 12.09 / 13.09 / 14.09 / 15.09.2018

Meeting the guide at 5* Radisson Blu Hotel.
Duration: approx. 4 hours
Transport: private car, hotel pick-up/drop-off included
Pace: moderate amount of walking (total of approx. 4 Km), slow-paced, frequent stops 
Overall itinerary: Hotel – Victory Avenue – The Romanian Athenaeum – Revolution Square – University Square – Old Town – Palace of Parliament – Village Museum 

Overall tour description
This tour of Bucharest represents a complex visual experience that reveals a city full of contrasts. The tour is structured like a story, taking you through 3 different ages and gradually enhancing the experience each time you unlock a new chapter. The first 2 chapters show the almost perfect opposition of two historical periods: the Belle Époque era with its 19th century perfume and charming architecture and the contrasting Communist era, perfectly showcased by the massive cold structures of the former Civic Center. The final part of the tour has its own unique flavor, as you get to travel “back in time” to the Village Museum and literally see how the medieval Romanian village looked like.

Detailed tour description
The first part of the story (the Belle Époque) takes you along Victory Avenue and within Old Town, charming you with beautiful palaces and historical monuments. All these architectural gems display a mix of styles: Neoclassic, Art-Nouveau, Baroque or Byzantine blend in with the local Brancovenesc style (a.k.a. the “Romanian Renaissance”). It’s a journey back to the 19th century, in a time when Bucharest was the place where the West met the East, instantly charming travelers with its multicultural diversity, Bohemian lifestyle and rich architecture. Back then, the city was experiencing its greatest cultural boom, with King Carol the first as the mastermind behind it. His family ties with Napoleon the 3rd or Wilhelm the 1st amplified the process, turning Bucharest into the “Paris of the East” or “Little Paris”.

The second part of the story revolves around the Communist Era, taking you through 45 years of communism (1944-1989) and showing both the accomplishments and the mistakes made by the regime. You will get to see the massive structures of the former Civic Center, one of the “hidden churches” and, most important - the Palace of Parliament – the second largest administrative building in the world.

After having a stop in Old Town for refreshments/coffee/lunch (flexible based on preferences and not included in the price of the tour), you will head towards the National Village Museum – the third chapter of this contrasting story. The museum, an open-air reconstruction of the traditional Romanian village, is like a time capsule in the heart of an urban jungle. Spectacularly located in a park on the shore of a lake, this outdoor museum lets you discover the authentic Romanian village, with folklore elements and buildings originating from all historical provinces (Transylvania, Moldova, Wallachia, Dobrogea). As you learn more about local traditions, you may admire steep-roofed homes, thatched barns, log cabins, watermills, churches, oil presses, road crucifixes and many more.
70 euro / tour. The tariff applies for any of the dates available for this tour.

Included Services
  • English-speaking guide
  • Coach with AC and audio-video equipment 
  • Entrance tickets for The Parliament Palace, The Village Museum, The Romanian Athenaeum


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